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2011 NHL Draft: Winnipeg Jets Select Center Mark Schifele 7th Overall

This one is special. With the seventh pick in the 2011 NHL Draft, newly relocated Winnipeg (formerly the Atlanta Thrashers) have selected (somewhat surprisingly) center Mark Schifele with their first pick since returning to Canada.  

From Hockey Prospectus:

Mark Scheifele had a good year from a counting statistics standpoint on a poor Barrie team and with a good Under-18 tournament-his stock has come a ways in the course of a season. Scheifele is a low-ceiling but highly projectable player without a true standout tool. His skating grades as below-average, and while his mechanics are fine, his feet are just somewhat heavy and he doesn't have an NHL-level top speed. Scheifele's puck skills are decent, and while he doesn't bring any form of flashy stick handling or stretch passes to the table, he can handle the puck at a moderate level and make the right distributions bringing the puck up the ice and on the power play.