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2011 NHL Draft: Ottawa Senators Select Winger Mika Zibanejad 6th Overall

With the sixth (and quickest) pick in the 2011 NHL Draft, the Ottawa Senators have selected left wing Mika Zibanejad.

From Hockey Prospectus:

Mika Zibanejad is a player who is just fun to watch. His combination of skill and work ethic make him a pest and a scoring threat on every shift that he's out on the ice for. He's a solid skater, with a smooth extension on every stride. Zibanejad consistently keeps his feet moving and is well conditioned which lets him jet up and down the ice for extended periods of time. Zibanejad has 55 puck skills and will on occasion flash plus. He can make noticeable moves with the puck when standing still and moving in full stride. He's a sneaky good passer as well and more than once I've seen Zibanejad thread a seeing eye bullet pass through traffic that caught the defense completely off guard. At times though, he does get a little too cute with his passes.