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2011 NHL Draft: New York Islanders Select Center Ryan Strome 5th Overall

With the fifth pick in the 2011 NHL Draft, the New York Islanders have selected Niagra center Ryan Strome. Strome will pair with John Tavares to form a pretty potent line in the future. 

From Hockey Prospectus:

One of the best skill sets in the entire draft belongs to the Niagara centerman whose stock rose astronomically over this past OHL season. Ryan Strome has true plus puck skills and can at times flash beyond plus and is extremely dangerous when he has the puck. He is able to beat defenders in many ways, be it with superb puck-handling and simply faking them out, he can use his lower body to fend pressure off, and he has the passing skills to make crisp, accurate passes without even looking at his target. Strome gets very low on the puck when he has possession and while he may make himself smaller at times, it makes him a pain to try and strip off the puck. Strome consistently goes to the goal-mouth area and has displayed a notably accurate wrist shot. I'm not in love with his shot mechanics as I've seen at times that he lets the puck get too far up his stick blade, but it's a small nitpick that can be coached out.