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2011 NHL Draft: Edmonton Oilers Select Ryan Nugent-Hopkins 1st Overall

The top player in the entire draft, Nugent-Hopkins has top center potential. His on-ice vision has been praised universally by scouts, with some even calling it the best since Wayne Gretzky. Nugent-Hopkins is still undersized at 170 pounds, and will likely need at least another year in the WHL to fill out his frame. When he's finally developed and ready for NHL play, Nugent-Hopkins projects as a franchise center and the type of player who improves his teammates around him.

With the top forward off the board -- as expected -- the Colorado Avalanche now have all their likely candidates remaining. Top defenseman Adam Larsson is the likely candidate, as he is not only the best player available but fills a desperate need on the NHL roster, but the Avalanche may also select one of the remaining high-ceiling forwards such as Huberdeau or Couturier.