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Peter Forsberg Joins Modo Hockey As Adviser

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Former Colorado Avalanche player Peter Forsberg will be joining former Avalanche captain Joe Sakic as a member of a hockey club's front office--just across the Atlantic Ocean and in his native Sweden. OK, so more accurately it's across the Atlantic, into the North Sea and then through the Skagerrak to first reach the Swedish coastline. Then there's either a trek across the land, or you can continue through the Kattegat Sea and the Danish Straits to wind up in the Baltic Sea. From there, follow the coast and ultimately head north for Örnsköldsvik, where Forsberg's Modo Hockey club is located.


The far simpler solution would be to just take a plane there, I guess. The point of the geography lesson and the 5,000-plus trek to get to MODO is that we should finally be beyond the Avalanche's early heroes and legends. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Time for Matt Duchene and Erik Johnson and hopefully the No. 2 overall pick in the June draft to enter a new pantheon.