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2011 NHL Playoff Bracket, SB Nation Style

Not satisfied with the 2011 NHL Playoffs Bracket you printed out for your historical records? Want something better than the usual one you print out with the tiny lettering and no space available to write in your predictions?


Looking to show your friends that you can prognosticate better than they do? Well, then we at SB Nation have our very own 2011 NHL Playoffs Bracket for you. Just like our immensely popular 2011 NCAA Basketball Tournament bracket, this SB Nation specialty is updated after each series concludes and also offers you a web address to the network's team-specific hockey blog. That way you'll be able to access fan-insider knowledge during each round when you are making your predictions (because it's always fun to scrap your first predictions if they don't work out and you want to start anew in the next round).


And if you are an Avalanche fan reading this, you'll need more than just the 2011 NHL Draft anticipation to hold you over until the end of June. So why not follow and predict the most grueling of all the major sports championships with the SB Nation 2011 NHL Playoffs Bracket today?!