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Rumor: NHL Salary Cap Could Rise, Avalanche Could Be Forced To Spend More Money

There are reports circulating today that the NHLPA could vote on a 4.7 percent rise in the salary cap this offseason, bumping the cap to $62.2 million for the 2011-2012 season. Of greater interest to Colorado Avalanche fans? This would also raise the current salary floor (the bare minimum a team has to spend on player salaries) to $46.2 million.


The Avalanche clung to the salary floor this past season, to the point that every trade they made had to keep the salaries net-neutral rather than going below the floor. Since Colorado only has $30.18 million on the books so far for next season, this would force the front office to add an additional $16 million to payroll just to meet the league minimum. It may not be good for the club's currently fragile finances, but it should help to sign a starting goalie, their two first round draft picks in the upcoming June draft, and keep some of the team's more productive restricted free agents on the club. If these rumors are true, it's good news for Avalanche fans.