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Second Intermission: Islanders Lead Avalanche On Three Power Play Goals

Another period, another power play goal for the New York Islanders. After scoring two power play goals in the first period to tie the game, the Islanders converted another opportunity into Peter Colliton’s second power play goal of the game, and the third for the Islanders. They now lead 3-2 at the second intermission despite the Colorado Avalanche outshooting New York 23-20 for the game and outplaying the young Islanders for much of the game.

This game is becoming reminiscent of last week’s game against the Detroit Red Wings, where Colorado dominated the Red Wings with 49 shots but fell in overtime due to four power play goals. Long a weakness of this Avalanche team, the penalty kill is becoming a serious issue that is giving away games that Colorado has dominated five on five.

There is one period left in this game that Colorado really needs to win. They have struggled offensively throughout this homestand, and it would be devastating to lose to a rookie goaltender making his first career NHL start.