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2011 NHL All-Star Skills Competition: Team Staal Defeats Team Lidstrom; Watch Out For Zdeno Chara When He Has The Puck

Team Staal defeated Team Lidstrom, 33-22, in the 2011 NHL All-Star Skills competition. A player from Team Staal won five of the six events. The first competition was to determine the fastest skater, which Colorado Avalanche player Matt Duchene participated in for Team Lidstrom. Skating two players at a time from opposing teams, Duchene completed his lap in 14.779 seconds. Michael Grabner of the New York Islanders defeated the Edmonton Oilers' Taylor Hall to win the event for Team Staal. The goalie race between the Boston Bruins' Tim Thomas and the Carolina Hurricanes' Cam Ward had a mishap from Thomas.

In the breakaway challenge, the Washington Capitals' Alex Ovechkin won the fan vote and the points for Team Staal with 38.5 percent of the vote.

In accuracy shooting, Colorado's Paul Stastny was one of the passers for Team Staal. Daniel Sedin of Team Staal defeated Patrick Kane in the final round by hitting all four targets in 8.9 seconds. In the qualifying round, Sedin did it in 7.3 seconds.

Team Lidstrom won the Skills Challenge Relay. This competition required the skills in one-timers, passing, puck control, stick handling and accuracy shooting. It was divided into two groups and Team Lidstrom's unit that finished it in 2:09 took the most points.

In the Hardest Shot Competition, Zdeno Chara defeated Shea Weber with a shot at 105.9 miles per hour. Weber had only his at 103.4 (and his first-round shot was 104.8). Lesson from this competition: don't be in the line of a shot by Zdeno Chara.

In the elimination shootout, Matt Duchene and Paul Stastny were both eliminated after they failed to put the puck in the net. The final showdown was between Staal's Corey Perry and Lidstrom's Martin St. Louis. St. Louis couldn't score, but Corey Perry did.

Team Staal finished with 33 points to Team Lidstrom's 22. It was hometown victory for Staal.

The NHL All-Star Game drops its puck at 2:00 p.m MT on Sunday afternoon.