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Avalanche Reassign Defensemen Liffiton And Cohen To Lake Erie

The Colorado Avalanche have reassigned defensemen David Liffiton and Colby Cohen to Lake Erie, as members of their veteran core return from injury.

With the return of team captain Adam Foote on Saturday, and the trade for former Montreal defenseman Ryan O’Byrne, the Avalanche were carrying too many defensemen on their roster, necessitating a change.

Rookie standouts Kevin Shattenkirk and Jonas Holos have performed admirably in their callups and have established their roles on the Avalanche roster for the remainder of the season, barring injury.

Liffiton and Cohen both played well in their brief time up from the AHL, with Cohen especially making an impact with his intensity and hustle. Expect Cohen to be the first player recalled in case of an injury to another defenseman.