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Top 5: Colorado Power Rankings - Colorado Avalanche Rise To The Top

The Colorado Avalanche return to the top of the Colorado Power Rankings, but the Colorado Rapids are nipping at their skates.

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5. Denver Broncos

Last Week's Fan Confidence Score: 59
Fan Confidence Score: 66

The Broncos arguably played their best game of the season on Sunday, despite losing to the New York Jets. The positives outweigh the negatives this time around. Yes, Nate Jones had a very costly penalty that basically lost the game for the Broncos. There's no denying that that is a grievous error, but then also go back to Knowshon Moreno's fumble to end the Broncos' first drive. That would have put the Broncos up 7-0 early in the first quarter. The game would have been completely different had he scored a touchdown.

But let's look at the positives. The Broncos could have had the victory not on the arm of Kyle Orton, but on the legs of the running back corps. Knowshon Moreno ran 12 times for 48 yards and the entire rushing attack accounted for over 100 yards. Tim Tebow also played a large part in that and did score his first NFL touchdown. It appears as though his role will be enlarged going forward.

With games against the Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers coming up before the bye week, the Broncos could set themselves up for a strong second half.

4. Denver Nuggets

Last Week's Fan Confidence Score: 51
Fan Confidence Score: 61

The good news for the Nuggets is that they are playing preseason games. The bad news is that fans can't see them on TV. Oh, and there still are those persistent Carmelo Anthony trade rumors. It's the Knicks today, the Nets tomorrow, and the Saturn Titans in a week.

Arron Afflalo has looked good so far this preseason and should be counted on as a major contributor this season. The Nuggets just exercised Ty Lawson's third-year option.

3. Air Force Falcons

Despite a loss to San Diego State, the Air Force Falcons are still a major player in Colorado sports. Though unranked, the Falcons could return to the Top 25 as soon as this coming week. That is, if they can pull off the upset against BCS no. 5 TCU. It will be a tall order, but the Falcons did play BCS no. 1 Oklahoma quite close in Norman, Okla. earlier in the season.

2. Colorado Rapids

Last Week's Fan Confidence Score: 83
Fan Confidence Score: 93

The Colorado Rapids finally clinched a playoff spot last weekend. It will be a long and hard road to the MLS Cup, but don't count this team out.

And does anyone still have a problem with a soccer team being ranked higher than most other sports teams?

1. Colorado Avalanche

Last Week's Fan Confidence Score: 77
Fan Confidence Score: 79

The Avalanche are 4-2 and leading the Northwest division with 8 points. There was a disappointing loss to the New York Islanders, but a win against the New York Rangers made up for it somewhat. Right winger Chris Stewart paces the Avalanche's offensive attack with a team-leading five goals, while John-Michael Liles leads the team with 8 points.

However, the team has looked sluggish on the power play and penalty kill so far. The Avalanche will need to pick things up in those categories to stay atop the Northwest.