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SB Nation Power Rankings: NFL, NHL, MLS

It's been a mostly good week for the Denver pro sports teams currently playing. The Colorado Rapids are in the MLS playoffs and the Colorado Avalanche lead the Northwest division with eight points. But the Denver Broncos did lose to the New York Jets on Sunday. How did each of these teams fare in SB Nation's power rankings?

The Colorado Rapids took sixth in the MLS rankings, which would be great for most weeks. However, Jeremiah Oshan used only the eight teams in the MLS playoffs this week. Sixth out of eighth isn't great, but Oshan does call Conor Casey and Omar Cummings possibly "the scariest two-headed monster in MLS."

The Colorado Avalanche took a dip this week from fifth to eighth, which seems a bit odd. Yes, the team did lose to the Islanders, but they beat the Rangers and lost only one other game this season. That the San Jose Sharks and Vancouver Canucks are ahead of the Avalanche is something that needs to be corrected soon. The Sharks have only three points and the Canucks trail the Avalanche in the Northwest division.

The Denver Broncos beat themselves on Sunday, and the Jets took advantage of it with a 24-20 victory. They fell one spot to 26th this week. Here's what Joel Thorman had to say about the team:

Yeah they're killing it in passing yards but what good is it doing? Playing the Jets tough isn't too bad, I suppose.

Moral victories are just that, but it certainly can be a springboard to better things. Time for a rivalry game with the Oakland Raiders this weekend.