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Best Super Bowl commercials 2013: Leon Sandcastle makes headlines

The slate of Super Bowl commercials this year did not disappoint. Which ads really stood out on Sunday? One in particular starring Deion Sanders blew social media up.


Many people in America only watch the Super Bowl every year solely for the purpose of catching the commercials in between the action. If you fall into this category, Sunday night likely kept you entertained throughout all four quarters.

One commercial in particular that made a lasting impression involved Deion Sanders and the NFL Draft. Sanders, disgruntled by the fact that rookies today are receiving so much praise, decides to create a false identity and take a trip back to down memory lane. With a wig and fake mustache, Sanders names himself Leon Sandcastle at the NFL Combine.

Of course, Leon Sandcastle proceeds to blow everyone away, running a 4.2 40-yard dash and ultimately getting taken by the Kansas City Chiefs with the No. 1 overall pick. Take a look.

NFL Network certainly caught the attention of football fans everywhere. We'll probably see this air often leading up to the draft in April.

Taco Bell made a splash with its Viva Young commercial. Several seniors bust out of a retirement home for a few late night exploits. The result is rather entertaining.

Samsung used Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen to market "the next big thing". The two seem to work well together.

Dodge used Paul Harvey's "So God made a farmer" speech in one powerful display. The commercial seemed rather polarizing to everyone on Twitter, but everyone is talking about it today.