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Ravens vs. Broncos, 2013 AFC Divisional Playoffs: Defense comes up short for Denver

Denver looked like they were on their way to advancing to the AFC Championship, holding a touchdown lead with just over a minute left to play.

Doug Pensinger

The Denver Broncos suffered a heartbreaking loss to the Baltimore Ravens in the divisional round of the 2013 NFL playoffs, 38-35. They went down in the second overtime period, but to many Broncos fans it only got that far because Denver failed to take advantage of numerous opportunities to win.

One opportunity was when Denver took a touchdown lead with just over a minute left to play. All the Broncos had to do was keep Baltimore out of the end zone. Joe Flacco took a chance on a deep pass to Jacoby Jones, and what happened next is likely to stay with Broncos fans for a long time. Jones got separation over the top, Flacco dropped the ball into his hands, and Jones crossed the goal line without a single Bronco laying a hand on him. Rahim Moore had Jones in coverage, and SB Nation's Broncos blog Mile High Report has no mercy for Moore:

[Moore] is the biggest goat of the game. It never should have gotten to overtime. You have one responsibility and that's to not let anyone over the top. And that's what you do. All the improvement you made over the course of the season went down the drain with one HUGE mistake. That mistake is singlehandedly the dumbest play I have ever seen a player make in Bronco history.

Denver got the ball back with only 31 seconds left, but elected not to make an attempt at moving into field goal range. That's just one of John Fox's calls that fans are questioning, but Mile High Report sees issues well before the final minute of the fourth quarter. The full post contains all that and much more on the game, so don't miss it.