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D.J. Williams expected to receive longer suspension

Denver Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams is expected to get a few games added onto his six-game suspension following conviction of a driving while ability impaired charge.

Justin Edmonds - Getty Images

Denver Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams is already serving a six-game suspension after violating the NFL's performance enhancement policy, and he's likely to get a few more games tacked on after meeting with the NFL on Wednesday. The extra suspension will come from a Driving While Ability iImpaired charge he was convicted of back on Aug. 15.

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Clark Haggans received a three-game suspension earlier in the season for a DUI charge, and a similar suspension is likely to be levied against Williams. Both players are second time offenders.

Williams' original six-game NFL suspension came after he submitted a bad urine sample to a drug test back in 2011.

The Broncos have started off slowly with a 1-2 this season without Williams on the field and will continue to miss him for a good chunk of the season, including their first AFC West game on Sunday against the Oakland Raiders.