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Mike McCoy, Jack Del Rio likely to be head coaching candidates again

Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy and defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio are considered two hot coaching candidates for what should be eight to 12 open NFL head coaching positions this offseason.


The Denver Broncos wrap up the regular season against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday afternoon, clinching a first-round bye in the AFC playoffs with a victory. A week off entering the playoffs means rest for the team, and time perhaps for two members of the current coaching staff to interview for head coaching positions.

Come Monday, it is likely eight to 12 NFL jobs will open up, and Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy and Denver defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio are considered two of the hottest candidates in the game to take one of the vacated spots.

Del Rio has led a NFL team before, compiling a 68-71 record as head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars from 2003 to 2011, making the playoffs twice. As defensive coordinator of the Broncos this season, Del Rio has taken a porous 2011 defense and turned the unit into the third-ranked team in the league in total defense this season.

McCoy has not been a head coach before, but has shown success as an offensive coordinator in successive years in Denver with contrasting personnel. McCoy's run-heavy, Tim Tebow-led attack finished 2011 No. 1 in rushing, and this year the Peyton Manning aerial assault is No. 6 in passing offense and No. 2 in scoring.