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Buccaneers vs. Broncos, Week 13: Playoff scenarios look good for Denver

If the Denver Broncos win out in 2012, they'll have a very good shot at being the top seed in the AFC. Baltimore and New England also have a chance at it, which could lead to an interesting playoff run to end the season.


What has been a great season for the Denver Broncos so far culminated in the clinching of the AFC West on Saturday with four games still to go before the end of the season.

The win was the seventh in a row for the Broncos, who haven't suffered the agony of defeat since way back in Week 5. The offense has clicked with Peyton Manning at the helm since then, the defense has followed suit led by Von Miller, and there look to be no signs of stopping them as they try and go from just a playoff berth to home-field advantage.

Mile High Report took a look at the current playoff seeding scenarios after the game, and there is a good chance for the Broncos if they can win the rest of their games:

Still very interesting. Only the Ravens could clinch by winning out. In that scenario, even if they ended up in a tie, they would have victories over both us and NE. The Pats have to stay one game ahead of Baltimore, so they are looking to win out and have us or somebody else beat the Ravens. We have to win out and hope that NE loses a game somewhere. Of all the remaining schedules, on paper at least the Ravens have the toughest slate to end the year, with the Pats just behind them with games against SF and HOU. Bottom line, we should see this Broncos team playing hard until the end of the year or until their position is secure---whatever that may be.

Denver will head to California to play a rivalry game against the Oakland Raiders on Thursday after a short week.