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NFL Power Rankings 2012: Are the Broncos the NFL's best team?

Many football experts have the Broncos ranked as the top team in the NFL after nine straight wins.

Patrick Smith

With nine straight wins, it's very tough to make the argument that any team is on a hotter streak than the Denver Broncos. Some football experts think that Sunday's domination of the Baltimore Ravens was the proof needed to show that they are not only the hottest team, but the best in the NFL.

Among those is Joel Thorman of SB Nation, who gave the Broncos the top spot in his power rankings on Tuesday:

1. Denver Broncos (LW: 3, 11-3): Last week I called the Ravens game a "good barometer" for where the Broncos stand. They beat the Ravens by three scores, notching their ninth consecutive win. Any more questions?

Despite the nine-game win streak though, not everyone is convinced that they are the cream of the crop. In ESPN's power rankings, the San Francisco 49ers jumped up from the fourth spot to the top, hopping the Broncos for the No. 1 rankings:

2. After nine consecutive wins and with the Browns and Chiefs remaining on the schedule, there's no reason the Broncos can't win out. (Fox)

Most gave the Broncos the top spot, though. Mike Florio of NBC Sports' ProFootballTalk did and kept his explanation of the ranking simple:

1. Broncos: Nine straight wins are enough to put them straight at the top of the stack.

The Broncos finish their season with back-to-back home games against the Browns and Chiefs.