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Current NFL Draft order 2013: Rest of AFC West set to select early

The final records for the rest of the AFC West will be important for the Broncos' future.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With nine consecutive wins, the Broncos have a huge six-game lead in the AFC West and have already clinched a trip to the playoffs. The first 20 spots in the NFL Draft order are set by teams on the outside of the postseason picture, so the Broncos will have their draft position determined by their performance in the playoffs.

The Broncos will likely be more concerned with the finishing positions of the Chiefs, Raiders and Chargers, as the AFC West will certainly have a chance to get better in the 2013 NFL Draft. All three teams are slated to select in the top 10 with the Chiefs in line for the first overall selection.

Tied with the Jaguars for the top spot, the Chiefs have a far inferior strength of schedule with two games left to play and would almost certainly need to earn an upset win against the Colts or Broncos to fall out of the No. 1 overall selection.