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Chris Harris' pick-six a key moment in Broncos victory over Ravens

John Fox called Chris Harris' pick-six a big momentum swinger for the Broncos in their 34-17 win over Baltimore.

Patrick Smith

Cornerback Chris Harris had a pick-six during Denver's big 34-17 win over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, one of the big turning points in a game that would have turned close in the fourth quarter had the Broncos not taken a big lead in the first three frames.

After the game, John Fox had quite a bit to say on the big interception return from Harris. "It was a huge play. They’re down knocking on the door and they threw an old diagonal route outside to 81, Anquan Boldin, and Chris did a good job kind of hanging back there and then stepped in front and it was right in front of our bench so he had a lot of direction on the way down that sideline."

When asked about the momentum that the interception changed, Fox also added, "Yeah, this game is about momentum and making plays and those are the kind of plays that change games. We knew that turnovers were going to be important in this game. We ended up plus-2. It’s something that Baltimore’s done a tremendous job of, taking the ball away and not giving it up. They’re plus-12 on the season. We were minus-2 going into this game so we knew that was going to be a real big factor in the game."

Harris himself knew that the pick-six was a no-doubter. When asked if he thought he would be caught by Joe Flacco on his run back, he said, "No, I didn’t. I knew once I caught that one I wasn’t going to be caught by anyone."