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NFL playoff picture: Broncos No. 2 seed in AFC with 2 weeks to play

With their win on Sunday, the Denver Broncos are in the No. 2 seed in the AFC with two games remaining.


The Denver Broncos clinched the AFC West several weeks ago with the rest of the division floundering this season, and since then they have been seeking better positioning in the playoff race. When they won 34-17 over the Baltimore Ravens on Saturday and watched the New England Patriots lose, they were slotted into the No. 2 overall seed with two games left to play.

As the Broncos tweeted on Sunday, they can guarantee themselves a first round bye in the playoff picture if they can win their final two games of the season against Cleveland and Kansas City.

It will be, as anything is in the NFL, easier said than done to get those two final wins, but they have the advantage of taking on two of the worst teams in the league in those games. Cleveland is 5-9 and in last place in the AFC North, while the Chiefs are 2-12 and the biggest mess in the NFL so far this season, coming off an uninspiring 15-0 loss against Oakland.