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Broncos vs. Ravens score update: Prater FG gets Denver on the board

The Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens are locked in a close game between two division leaders. Denver is up 3-0 at the end of the first quarter.


Denver kicker Matt Prater has accounted for the only offense of the game so far, as the Denver Broncos lead the Baltimore Ravens 3-0 after the first quarter in a battle between two first-place teams.

Prater's score came at the 7:16 mark from 27 yards out to end an 11-play, 44-yard drive.

In a first quarter with little offense, Denver's Knowshon Moreno has seen the most action so far. He's picked up 31 yards on five carries, including a 20-yard run.

Peyton Manning is 8-14 passing for 61 yards, while his Baltimore counterpart Joe Flacco is 4-7 for 19 yards. Neither has thrown a touchdown or interception. The only turnover of the game came on a Baltimore fumble in its first possession.

Denver and Baltimore both sit atop their respective divisions in the AFC and expect to be headed to the playoffs. These last few games are merely for positioning, something neither team will overlook.