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Threat of suspension will not alter Von Miller's style of play

Broncos linebacker Von Miller will not alter his style of play despite being fined multiple times by the NFL.


Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller has been fined so many times in his brief two-year NFL career that he is dangerously close to being suspended, instead of being fined, for the next roughing the passer penalty he commits. Miller has already been fined five times for $93,500 in just under two years.

Miller does not seem to care that the NFL wants him to change his ways, because Miller said that he will not change his style of going after the quarterback:

"I don't think I'll change anything," Miller said. "When you're playing fast, stuff like that happens. None of my (fined) hits were intentional. You try to go out there and play with a fanatical effort and a relentless pursuit to the ball, sometimes things just happen."

Miller also said that his low hit on Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman two weeks ago, for which he received a fine of $25,000, was not intentional, as Mller says that he was blocked into Freeman.

Perhaps Miller needs to let up some instead of going full speed at the quarterback right up until the last possible second. If Miller starts getting suspended, then the Broncos may have to do something to get their star defensive player to make some adjustments regarding how he goes after the quarterback.