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John Fox supports Denver hosting a Super Bowl

Broncos head coach Joh Fox feels that Denver would be a good fit to host a Super Bowl.

Justin Edmonds

The city of Denver has submitted a bid to host the 2018 Super Bowl, as well as the 2019 and 2020 game. There has never been an outdoor Super Bowl in a cold weather city, and the first test will be the 2014 game that is being played in New York City at MetLIfe Stadium.

While Denver is also a cold weather city with an outdoor stadium, current Broncos head coach John Fox supports the idea of a Super Bowl in the Mile High City:

"Just look at the weather," Fox said. "We're almost December here and I think it's probably one of the best-kept secrets.


"I think the NFL would be very happy with it."

The one thing about the weather in Denver during February is that there is a remote chance of snow that month during the transition from winter to spring. The city averages just over six inches of snow in the month.

The temperatures could still be below freezing once night fall hits. However, there will still be sunlight for a good portion of the game, with Denver being out on the West Coast. Denver has an average high temperature of 47 degrees during February.