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2012 NFL standings, Week 10: Broncos sole winners of the week from AFC West

Each the Raiders, Chargers and Chiefs lost in Week 10 as the Broncos cruised to a two-game lead in the division with the opportunity to take complete control in Week 11.


The Denver Broncos were the sole winners from the AFC West in Week 10 and increased their division lead over the San Diego Chargers to two games. With a Week 11 game against the Chargers upcoming, the Broncos will have the opportunity to take an even more commanding, possibly insurmountable, lead in the division.

After four consecutive wins, the Broncos have a 6-3 record while each of the other three teams in the AFC West are below .500. The Chargers are the team in second place with a 4-5 record while the Raiders are just behind with a 3-6 record. In last place are the Chiefs who held a lead in regulation for the first time this season during a Monday Night Football game against the Steelers, but fell to 1-8.

With a win on Sunday against the Chargers, the Broncos would have a three game lead over San Diego as well as the tiebreaker against them. With two games against the Chiefs and games against both the Raiders and Browns, a considerable collapse would be necessary at that point for the Broncos to lose the AFC West.