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Von Miller enjoys dominant game, has never-ending number of sack dances

Von Miller was one of the top players in a dominant showing for the Broncos defense on Sunday, coming complete with his own 'Superman' sack dance.

Grant Halverson

The Denver Broncos defense had a dominant performance overall against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday during the team's 36-14 win, and Von Miller was one of the stars of the show. The dynamic linebacker had a sack, a would-be sack that turned into an interception and six tackles during the game, putting tons of pressure on quarterback Cam Newton all day long.

After Miller's sack, he played off of Cam's 'Superman' nickname, as promised prior to the game, with a faux-torn open shirt and a little dance to go with it afterwards.

Asked about the win after the game in a press conference, Miller said, "I think it started in practice. We had a great week of preparation, just like the weeks before. It was hard to get some practice against the type of offense they can run, but overall I think we did pretty well this week and I think it showed in the game."

More important was his answer when asked if he would ever run out of sack dances. "You can never run out of sack dances. It’s always different on every play. The excitement is always different every stadium, every play. I don’t think I’ll ever run out of sack dances. If I do, I’ll just get with Keith Brooking. I’m sure he can show me a couple."