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Broncos vs. Panthers score update: Trindon Holliday punt return puts Denver ahead

The Denver Broncos lead the Carolina Panthers, 17-7, after one half in Charlotte. The Broncos reeled off 17 unanswered points to take the lead into the locker room, as all three phases contributed once again with Denver going for its fourth straight win.

The Broncos broke the 7-7 tie just seconds into the second quarter. For the second straight week, it was return man Trindon Holliday making the difference on special teams. Holliday took a 76-yard punt from Brad Nortman to the house for the 14-7 lead. The former LSU track star now has three returns for touchdowns this season. Last week, he opened the second half in Cincinnati with a 105-yard kick return, where he was never touched. This time, he had to do a little more dodging and weaving on his way to the end zone. He tip toed down the right sideline, narrowly beating the angle taken by the Panthers punter.

But there was some controversy over whether the touchdown should have counted, as replays showed Holliday dropping the ball at, or before, he crossed the plane. All touchdowns are automatically reviewed, but the officials did not overturn the score. Here's a gif of him hitting the goal line. You decide: