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Denver Broncos CB Tracy Porter faces uncertain future

Seizure-related symptoms might be beginning of end for Porter in Denver


Broncos cornerback Tracy Porter has missed the past two games with a rapid heartbeat and dizziness, symptoms of a one-time seizure the Indiana product suffered in August, during Denver's training camp. Those medical issues in conjunction with some poor play might mean that Porter won't return to the Broncos after the 2012 season ends.

Porter pins the beginning of the coaching staff's displeasure with his play to Denver's 31-25 Week 3 loss to Houston, when Matt Schaub passed for nearly 300 yards toward his side of the field. Broncos corners Chris Harris and Tony Carter have contributed quality work in Porter's recent absence, which could lead to him not returning when his one-year, $4 million contract is complete.

The former Saint is philosophic about his plight, and his position:

"It's similar to playing quarterback. If you're playing great, if you're playing like Peyton Manning, everything's good. But if you're playing like Michael Vick, it's a tough deal. You get all the praise one minute and all the criticism the next minute. Same at cornerback," Porter said.

Doctors have not diagnosed the cause of Porter's seizures, though he thinks it was a one-time issue. Porter was a limited participant in practice on Wednesday.