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2012 NFL Power Rankings, Week 6: Broncos slide after comeback falls short

Experts across the Internet think the Texans and Falcons are pretty good, while the Broncos are sliding.

Jared Wickerham - Getty Images

After Week 5's action is complete, experts across the Internet have once again ranked all 32 NFL teams, and the Houston Texans are on top with the Atlanta Falcons sharing the spotlight.

The Denver Broncos, meanwhile, have slid considerably in most power rankings after their 31-21 loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday.

At the top, SB Nation's own Joel Thorman has the Texans at No. 1, saying, "This team looks straight dominant." Rankings from and agree with Thorman, both looking forward to the Texans being tested against the Green Bay Packers and Baltimore Ravens.

Yahoo!'s Shutdown Corner blog has the Falcons on top, however, saying, "When you can go on the road and not play your best in the wind and rain, and you still come away with a win, you're probably pretty good."

The Broncos have fallen to No. 17 in both the ESPN and CBS rankings, while Thorman has moved them down to No. 19. The average fall for Denver between the four rankings is three spots. CBS's rankings makes note of Denver's tough schedule so far, as the Broncos have played both Atlanta and Houston--the teams at the top--already.

Denver looks to climb back up the rankings next week with a Monday Night Football matchup in San Diego against the Chargers.