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Demaryius Thomas' ball control issues continue in loss to Patriots

Despite a big game in Foxboro, concerns still linger about Demaryius Thomas' ball control, after he lost another fumble.

Jim Rogash - Getty Images

Demaryius Thomas lost another fumble on Sunday, setting the tone for the Denver Broncos' 31-21 loss to the New England Patriots early in the game.

Peyton Manning hooked up with Thomas on Denver's first drive of the game for a 43-yard reception, but Thomas fumbled the ball at New England's 10-yard line. The Patriots recovered the ball, ending Denver's red zone threat before it ever began.

Lindsay H. Jones of the Denver Post notes the momentum swing that the fumble produced:

Instead of taking an early lead, the Broncos found themselves in a constant state of playing catch-up.

"Man, I've just got to start tucking the ball away," Thomas said. "(Moore) made a good play, but I put that on myself. It was a good ball. I had time to put it away, and I just didn't."

Thomas fumbled in a similar fashion during Week 4's win over the Oakland Raiders.

Ball security is the No. 1 goal for any running back or wide receiver in the NFL, and Thomas will need to improve drastically in that facet of his game, if he's to become one of the league's best receivers.