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NFL standings 2012, Week 5: Denver in 2nd place in AFC West

San Diego is still in first place in the AFC West after a week that saw nothing but losses within the division.

Jared Wickerham - Getty Images

The San Diego Chargers remained the top dogs in the AFC West in Week 5 despite losing to the New Orleans Saints thanks to a down week for their fellow teams in the division. The other two teams that were in action lost their games, with the Broncos falling to the New England Patriots and the Chiefs losing a tough 9-6 battle against the Baltimore Ravens.

The Raiders had their bye during Week 5 and remain in third place of the division thanks to yet another loss by the Chiefs, who are below them now with one extra loss.

Denver will go on to play San Diego in a big division matchup on Monday Night Football in Week 6. Oakland will face the 5-0 Atlanta Falcons coming off their bye week, while the Chiefs will face off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

San Diego Chargers 3-2
Denver Broncos 2-3
Oakland Raiders 1-3
Kansas City Chiefs 1-4