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2012 NFL Power Rankings: Broncos are a consensus top 10 team

Peyton Manning has the NFL's top passer rating through seven games after racking up over 300 yards passing and three touchdowns against the Saints.


With back-to-back wins, the Denver Broncos have played themselves to the top of the AFC West and are playing themselves toward the top of many power rankings, as the play of Peyton Manning has impressed many. With a move from No. 12 to No. 9 in the latest power rankings from Ryan Van Bibber of SB Nation, the Broncos were one of the biggest movers after Week 8:

9. Denver Broncos (LW: 12, 4-3): Peyton Manning's forehead is radiating psychic mind-control waves right now that he has the Broncos laser-focused on playing football into February. Even John Elway's skull has been penetrated.

With the NFL's best passer rating, Manning is certainly leading the Broncos in the right direction and CBS Sports' Pete Prisco scoffed in his power rankings at the idea that the three-time AP NFL MVP is playing at a lesser level than his former self:

9. Peyton Manning isn't the same Peyton. Yeah, OK. He might be better. Still want Tebow-mania, Broncos fans?

The No. 9 spot seems to be a familiar spot, as it is also where the team of experts on ranked the Broncos. The end of the season will be no cake-walk for the Broncos, though, as they have a pair of road games upcoming and away games in five of their next seven on the schedule before back-to-back home games to finish the season.

In four home games, the Broncos have turned the ball over four times, but in three road games they've turned the ball over a combined 10 times and will have to avoid shooting themselves in the foot if they hope to continue their ascent up the league standings and power rankings.