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Saints vs. Broncos score update: Denver, New Orleans locked in 7-7 tie early in 2nd quarter

The Denver Broncos and the New Orleans Saints are tied, 7-7, early in the second quarter. The Broncos scored on a Willis McGahee touchdown run in the first quarter while the Saints answered with a Drew Brees touchdown pass at the start of the second quarter.

McGahee punched the ball in from the 1-and-a-half yard line with 4:43 left on the clock in the first quarter. McGahee appeared to have scored one play earlier on a 15-yard pass from Peyton Manning, but as he attempted to cross into the end zone his knee hit the ground before doing so. Two officials had different calls and upon review McGahee was ruled down.

However, McGahee wasn't free from error. With less than two minutes left in the quarter, he fumbled the ball and saw the Saints recover it. The Saints converted that for a touchdown on Drew Brees' 29-yard pass to Darren Sproles.

Peyton Manning is 4-of-7 for 65 yards.