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Saints vs. Broncos: Derek Wolfe, defense ready to attack Drew Brees

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Derek Wolfe says the Denver Broncos' defense will need to put relentless pressure on Drew Brees to slow down the New Orleans Saints' offense.


The first third of the Denver Broncos season has been one challenge after another, whether it's the Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots or Atlanta Falcons. The schedule is supposed to get easier after the bye week, but don't tell that to the defense who has had to prepare for New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees all week. As the Denver Post's Tom Kensler writes, Broncos defensive lineman Derek Wolfe says the key to defending Brees and the Saints' offense is relentless effort:

"People say his lack of height is a disadvantage. But it's an advantage for him in the fact that defensive linemen can't see him. We have to stay in our rush lanes and contain him. He likes to step up in the pocket. But if we get that push on the inside, we'll be all right."

The Saints have had a tough stretch to start the season, beginning 0-4 before winning the last two games. However, Brees' start has been anything but tough as he's second in the league in touchdowns and third in passing yards.

Defending the pass has been the strength of the Broncos' defense so far this season. They rank 10th in the league in pass yards allowed, compared to a rush defense that ranks 18th in yard allowed. Kickoff from Mile High is scheduled for 6:20 p.m. MT.