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D.J. Williams will serve 30-day in-home detention in February

Broncos LB D.J. Williams dodged a possible jail sentence on Wednesday, and will instead spend 30 days on house arrest, beginning on Feb. 7, 2013.

Denver Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams has been sentenced to 30 days of in-home detention by a Denver County Court judge on Wednesday, per Jessica Fender of the Denver Post.

Williams' sentence won't begin until after the Super Bowl, for which he'd be eligible if the Broncos were to advance that far. Williams was suspended for a total of nine games prior to the start of the season. He received a six-game suspension from the NFL for submitting a non-human urine sample, then was penalized an additional three games for driving while ability-impaired.

The latter issue is what put Williams in trouble with the law, and the reason why prosecutor Brian Dunn wanted to put him in jail for a month.

"Mr. Williams needs to see the inside of a jail in order to never do this again. This is someone who put the public in danger for a second time."

In addition to the in-home detention sentence, Williams will face two years of mandatory probation.

Williams will be able to return to the Broncos for their game against the San Diego Chargers on Nov. 18.