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NFL Power Rankings: Denver Broncos come in at No. 12

Denver is No. 12 in latest SB Nation NFL Power Rankings, down a spot despite not playing last week.


The first-place Denver Broncos enjoyed the benefit of not losing that comes with their bye week in Week 7, yet still managed to fall a spot to No. 12 in the latest SB Nation NFL Power Rankings.

Denver's epic comeback win over San Diego two Monday nights ago seems like forever ago now, but the Broncos (3-3) and MVP candidate Peyton Manning can reintroduce themselves to the rankings prognosticators this Sunday night against the New Orleans Saints.

ESPN also puts Denver at No. 12 in their power rankings, writing that the upcoming, easier schedule should help Denver only continue to climb higher:

At 3-3, the Broncos are tied with San Diego atop the AFC West, but now their schedule gets easier. They should be the favorite to win it.

CBS Sports' Pete Prisco likes Denver slightly more, ranking the Broncos at No. 10:

"They come off their bye feeling good atop the AFC West after navigating a tough early schedule. It looks like Peyton Manning is the same guy."