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Chargers investigation: John Fox wants to move on from Stickum situation

The Broncos coach doesn't want to talk about the ramifications of an on-going investigation of the Chargers for the alleged use of a banned substance during the two team's "Monday Night Football" game.

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

Broncos head coach John Fox isn't interested in talking about the investigation of the Chargers allegedly using a banned substance during a Monday Night Football game against the Broncos in Week 6, Fox told Denver media on Monday.

"I'm not really all over that. I'm sure the league has got their ways of dealing with it and will let us know the outcome. I believe it is in the rule book."

The Chargers are being investigated after a line judge confiscated a cloth covered with an unknown substance that appeared to be Stickum, or another type of banned adhesive designed to improve a player's grip on the football. Such substances have been banned from the league since 1981.

During the game on Oct. 15, the Chargers earned a 24-0 lead in the first half, but were outscored in the second half by the Broncos 35-0 as Peyton Manning completed three touchdown passes during the comeback. The Broncos and Chargers are tied at the top of the AFC West standings with 3-3 records and will next play in Week 11 on Nov. 18.