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Chargers investigation: San Diego faces fine, loss of draft picks if guilty in cheating ainquiry

The San Diego Chargers could be fined and stripped of a draft pick after a sticky substance was confiscated from a member of San Diego's equipment team, during San Diego's loss to Denver.

According to the North County Times, the San Diego Chargers are currently under investigation by the NFL, after players allegedly used Stickum, or a similar glove adhesive, to gain an advantage over opponents.

If the Chargers are deemed guilty by the league, they could face a stiff fine, and a potential loss of draft picks.

Stickum is used to gain a better grip on the ball, and is typically used by wide receivers or defensive backs. Per the North County Times' report, a line judge confiscated a sticky substance from a member of San Diego's equipment team, and that substance has now been sent to the league offices for review.

Luckily for Broncos fans, Denver came back to defeat the Chargers in Week 6, sticky substance aside.

There is no timetable for the league to conclude its investigation.

The Chargers and Broncos will meet again in Week 11, on Nov. 18 in Denver.