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NFL Standings 2012, Week 7: Raiders move up as three AFC West teams don't play

Oakland's win over the Jacksonville Jaguars pushed them over the Kansas City Chiefs as three of the teams in the AFC West did not play in Week 7.

Jason O. Watson

Week 7 of the NFL was a quiet one for the AFC West. Following last week's big match between the San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos, both of them, along with the Kansas City Chiefs, had their bye week. Denver and San Diego, following the Broncos win, were guaranteed to be tied at the top of the division no matter what the Raiders did in Week 7 against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Raiders did manage to gain some ground, though. Their 26-23 overtime victory was enough to push them over the Chiefs, instead of leaving them at the bottom of the division in a tie between 1-5 teams. They are third in the standings entering Week 8.

Oakland will take on Kansas City in an AFC West match as both teams attempt to gain ground next week. Meanwhile, the Broncos will face the New Orleans Saints while the Chargers take on the Cleveland Browns.

Here are the full standings for the AFC West following Week 7 action.

Denver Broncos 3-3
San Diego Chargers 3-3
Oakland Raiders 2-4
Kansas City Chiefs 1-5