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Broncos vs. Chargers score update: Denver scores 14 straight points, but losing, 24-14

After opening up the second half down 24-0, the Denver Broncos have been able to play themselves back into the game in the third quarter

Jeff Gross - Getty Images

After ending the first half down 24-0 to the San Diego Chargers, the Denver Broncos opened up the second half firing on all cylinders by scoring 14 unanswered points, making the score 24-14 after three quarters of play.

After turning the ball over three times in the first half, the Broncos were able to put their first points on the board in their very first drive of the third quarter, when Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning hit wide receiver Demaryius Thomas for 29 yards and the touchdown.

Down 24-7, the Broncos defense ramped up their play and were able to make a play of their own on the very next drive. It looked like a missed opportunity at the time when the Broncos defense forced tight end Randy McMichael to fumble, but the ball went out of bounds.

Just a few plays later, though, the Broncos striped Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers of the ball, which was then returned for a touchdown by Tony Carter.

The Broncos closed out the half in Chargers territory as they look to cut the deficit to a one possession game.