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College football rankings 2012: Boise State, Utah State in BlogPoll's others receiving votes category

After four weeks in the 2012 season, both Boise State and Utah State are one close loss in a road non-conference games from being ranked in SB Nation's latest BlogPoll.

The Broncos, at 2-1, and the Aggies, at 3-1, are both still stuck in the "others receiving votes" category, which can happen when you're a one-loss team in a non-BCS conference.

However, both teams losses came in road nail-biters to Big Ten teams, with Boise State losing, 17-13, to Michigan State and Utah State losing, 16-14, to Wisconsin.

Unfortunately, neither team has another game against a currently-ranked opponent in their 2012 schedule, which means they may need to go nearly perfect over the next two months to gain much national attention.

It's a sharp contrast with Colorado, who has dates with UCLA, USC, Oregon and Stanford, the latter three all ranked in the BlogPoll, over the next five games.

The Buffaloes will have a lot of chances to make an impression with voters over the next month, but it probably won't end up being a positive one.