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Boise State vs. Wyoming: Running game, defense spur Broncos to victory

Running back D.J. Harper key to Boise State blowout win.


The Boise State Broncos methodically pulled away from the Wyoming Cowboys Saturday, winning 45-14 and remaining undefeated in the Mountain West. The teams traded early rushing touchdowns, but a Michael Frisina second-quarter field goal and a D.J. Harper touchdown run gave Boise State a 17-7 halftime lead. From there, the Broncos dominated, scoring three unanswered touchdowns in the third quarter.

Boise State quarterback Joe Southwick was effective, throwing for 198 yards on 20 completions out of 28 attempts. Harper ran for 105 yards and two scores and Jay Ajayi added 49 yards rushing and a touchdown on eight attempts. This is not a typical Boise State team, though, as evidenced by One Bronco Nation Under God's recap of the day's five best plays, a list that includes two defensive plays, two special teams plays, and a tackle on a Wyoming interception return:

1. Charles Leno's tackle on Wyoming's interception return

Joe Southwick's Ill-Advised Pass of the Week came in the red zone at the end of the first half with Boise State leading only by 10, and it was returned by Wyoming's Chad Reese out near midfield and possibly further were it not for Leno's stop. Reese's INT had S-I-X written all over it, and Leno was the last man around to keep him from scoring and bringing Wyoming within three points before half.

2. Demarcus Lawrence's sack of Brett Smith

After the Chad Reese interception, the Cowboys still had a chance to make a game of it by scoring before the break. But Lawrence put an end to that with a 10-yard sack on first down, leading to a half-ending three-and-out. Wyoming waited until it was 38-7 to score again.

Boise State returns to action next week against San Diego State, in a game that could go a long way toward deciding the Mountain West championship.