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Boise State vs. Wyoming score update: Broncos lead 17-7, at the half

The Boise St. Broncos are in a tough game on the road against the Wyoming Cowboys, but at the half the Broncos have a 17-7 lead. The Broncos have scored on three of their four possessions.

The problem is that they have had four total possessions. That lone drive that did not result in a score was an interception by Joe Southwick late in the second quarter. No points were scored by Wyoming on that Boise State error, as the Cowboys were forced to punt the ball.

In the second quarter, Boise State did put up 10 points to just 7 for Wyoming. The one touchdown for Boise State came on a short three-play, 37-yard drive, which was set up by a 36-yard punt return by Chris Potter. D.J. Harper capped off the drive with a 9-yard touchdown run.

Wyoming was able to get past the Boise State defense on a 4-yard touchdown run by quarterback Brett Smith early in the quarter.

The Boise State defense picked it up in the second quarter. In the first, the Broncos allowed Wyoming to have a pair of 10-plus drives, but in the second half they forced Wyoming to go 3-and-out on three straight possessions.