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Boise State vs. Wyoming score update: Broncos lead 7-0 after 1st quarter

The Boise St. Broncos are up 7-0 against the Wyoming Cowboys after the first quarter. The Broncos defense came up big on their opening drive as they blocked a Cowboys 29-yard field goal attempt. Wyoming was actually able to move the ball quite easily down the field as quarterback Brett Smith went 6-of-8 passing for 70 yards, and that included a 32-yard pass to Brandon Miller.

After the blocked field goal, the Boise State offense took over the ball at their own 22-yard line and proceeded to march down the field. They went on an 11-play, 78-yard drive with a mix of runs and pass plays, and they ultimately scored on an 8-yard D.J. Harper touchdown run. Harper has 31 yards on just four carriers in the first quarter.

Wyoming's second possession of the quarter picked up where the first, and are currently driving down the field and are deep in Boise State territory.