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Fresno State vs. Boise State score update: Broncos lead Bulldogs at halftime, 17-0

Boise State leads Fresno State at halftime, 17-0.

Geoff Burke - Getty Images

Boise State took a 17-0 lead into halftime against Fresno State in Saturday's game. The Broncos were able to jump ahead of the Bulldogs in the first quarter with a 7-0 advantage, then another 10 points in the second quarter that gave them the halftime lead.

Joe Southwick hooked up with Geraldo Boldewijn to the left side of the field for a 10-yard touchdown toss for the first score of the game. Michael Frisina kicked a 19-yard field goal early in the second quarter, which was later followed by a 28-yard touchdown run by D.J. Harper.

This is actually a close game, statistically. Boise has just 166 total yards offense, compared to Fresno State's 160. Despite Southwick throwing an interception in the first half, and the Bulldogs not having any turnovers, the Broncos were still able to move the chains more often than Fresno State.

So far, Harper has been the most impressive player on the field, with 74 yards rushing on 10 carries.