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College Football Rankings: Boise State Drops Out Of BlogPoll Top 25

After losing their Week 1 matchup against the Michigan State Spartans, the Boise State Broncos have dropped out of SB Nation's BlogPoll Top 25.

Michigan State, who defeated Boise St., is ranked No. 9 in the latest and greatest BlogPoll.

Prior to Week 1, the Broncos had been ranked No. 23 in SB Nation's BlogPoll. It's not terribly surprising that following the loss, Boise St. dropped out of the rankings.

All is not lost, however, as the Broncos did receive votes in the poll. Boise St. will get a chance to move up in the rankings next weekend, when they play host to Miami Ohio, on Sept. 15.

However, the Broncos do not have another ranked opponent on their schedule for the rest of the season, so a high rise in the rankings might be out of the question for 2012.

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