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College Football Rankings: Boise State Debuts At No. 23 In BlogPoll Top 25

SB Nation's BlogPoll has been released prior to the start of the season, where the network's college football bloggers put out their own Top 25 lists to rival the official ones. The names at the top are the expected ones, with USC and Alabama getting the top two spots.

A few teams from the Rocky Mountain Region managed to snag votes, with the Boise State Broncos making the cut for the top 25. Boise State is ranked 23rd in the nation by the poll with 4.08 points per blog. No other Rocky Mountain school made the cut in the top, but four other schools did manage to receive votes -- Utah, BYU, New Mexico St. and New Mexico.

College Football season will begin this weekend, and that should shape the future BlogPolls with some actual results behind them.

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