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Big East Expansion: Temple Cancels Meeting That Reportedly Would Discuss Moving Owls Athletics

Not so fast on a new round of Big East expansion. It's a phrase we've become used to since the fall when the Big East looked to be dead, went hunting and had some hits and misses when it picked up new teams. This time, Temple Owls have canceled a Wednesday meeting that was expected to discuss moving all Owls athletic programs to the Big East in 2012, reports the Temple News.

The Owls currently compete in the Mid-American Conference as a football team and in the Atlantic 10 for the rest of its sports programs. As the Temple News reports, the university would need to pay nearly $5 million in exit fees to those two conferences if it wanted to leave the conference this summer.

The Boise St. Broncos had been the previous school that attempted to join the Big East early, but the $5 million exit fee for the Mountain West made that an impossibility. The Broncos will stick it out for one more season before joining in 2013.

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