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2012 NFL Draft: Mel Kiper Believes Russell Wilson Can Be Like Seneca Wallace

One of the more intriguing middle round prospects for the 2012 NFL Draft is former Colorado Rockies prospect and Wisconsin Badgers quarterback Russell Wilson. If he were several inches taller than the 5 feet 10 inches he was measured at during Senior Bowl practice, Wilson would likely be considered a first-round draft pick.

And obvious comparisons to Drew Brees over height concerns are made, but even Brees was a second-round pick. At the time, the first pick was the No. 32 overall pick, which a year later was the last pick of the first round. Depending on how one wants to view things, Brees was still pretty highly though of as a prospect either way.

Wallace, though, does appear to a closer comparison. He was a fourth-round draft pick in 2003 and has bounced around from the Seattle Seahawks to the Cleveland Browns, starting games for both teams. He's never quite shown that he can lead a team for a full season, but his size (5 feet 11, 196 pounds) hasn't prevented him from having a long career.

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