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2012 Senior Bowl: Kellen Moore And Russell Wilson Struggle In Day 1 Practice

Boise State Broncos quarterback Kellen Moore and Wisconsin Badgers quarterback Russell Wilson are desperately trying to prove to NFL scouts that their college success can translate to the NFL at the 2012 Senior Bowl. Both players had spectacular senior seasons, yet each came into day one of Senior Bowl practice with one mark already against them. Moore measured at an unimpressive 5'11" and 191 pounds, while Wilson came in ever shorter at 5'10" but more muscular at 203 pounds. With some inherent physical traits that don't match the prototypes for an NFL quarterback, was either player able to make a positive impression with their throws and reads on the field?

SB Nation's Alfie Crow traveled to Mobile, AL to take in North Team practice on day one, and didn't exactly see great things from the two undersized quarterback prospects. Here is what he noticed with Moore:

Kellen Moore's lack of arm strength was apparently early in practice when he missed badly on back to back seven-yard out throws. Moore muscled the ball, but just couldn't get the depth on the sideline the route required. Moore was also noticeable smaller than everyone else on the field, coming in at under six-foot and only 191 pounds...Despite his lack of arm strength, Moore was able to hit a couple of nice passes down the field, dropping the ball right into the receivers hands.

As for former Colorado Rockies prospect Russell Wilson, Crow found he struggled on his deep passes in the early going and did little to distinguish himself from Moore or Kirk Cousins.

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